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Does your business really need a contact centre? The short answer is YES – but it doesn’t need to be a complex and expensive solution. Contact centre capability is no longer the sole domain of large businesses and enterprises. Find out why SMEs can, and should, finally reap the benefits of the modern cloud-delivered contact centre solution.

Your customers want more…

What’s holding you back?

  • 55% of customers think long wait times are the most frustrating aspects of a bad experience.
  • 68% find it annoying to have their calls transferred to a new agent.
  • 42% are frustrated by having to repeat themselves to multiple agents.
  • 33% ended a relationship with a brand because their experience wasn’t personalised enough.

Better customer experience means happier customers, as well as better business performance.

Compared to their competitors, experience-driven businesses boast:

Customer demands have changed, but so has the technology to help your business give your customers what they want.

A cloud-based omnichannel contact centre solution can give you the competitive advantage you need to succeed by:

Agent Interface

Agents can view all the queues that they have been given access to view. Agents can take calls via a Horizon handset or via a softphone using the a Contact portal. 

Supervisor Interface​

The Supervisor user has full agent functionality but can manage all agent users. Within the Horizon Contact Portal, the Supervisor’s main screen shows live data for both the queues and the agents that they manage.​

Horizon Contact provides a consistent quality Omnichannel solution

The interface gives agents a master view of customer communication across all channels, so they can ensure a seamless experience.​

Contact centre supports inbound and outbound voice channels, web chat and email, enabling a highly personalised customer experience.


Admin Interface

Contact is managed using its own web interface, which provides information and management control to authenticated operations users. ​

The Administrator Portal part of the interface allows users who are logged in at the Administrator level to customise their Contact Centre features and functionality.


When an agent has classified an interaction, the classifications are logged and analysed by the Contact Centre for display via the wallboard and for inclusion in regular reports.

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