Having the ability to call, text, email and access apps on the move is essential. Cloud Voice & Data can support any type of business with a range of flexible products, tariffs and contracts.

As one of the UK’s fastest growing independent providers of business mobile connectivity, we have access to a wide-range of bespoke tariff packages, as well as all the latest handsets and devices. Whether you need mobile handsets or 4G solutions, we aim to offer you flexible packages at competitive rates.

Why choose Cloud Voice & Data from mobiles?

  • Industry-leading, UK-based customer service for business mobiles
  • Scalable UK business mobile solutions
  • Premium partnerships with major networks and wholesalers
  • Cost-effective and flexible tariffs
  • Dedicated account management
  • In-house customer support team

Flexible SIM Only & ESIM Tariffs

Single user SIMO plans are becoming more popular with businesses that want the freedom of unlimited calls & text messages and a suitable monthly data allowance for each user, or as a group, with separately sourced mobile handsets or even using E-Sim.

E-Sim is a downloadable and virtual secondary sim card.

Benefits include:

  • Unlimited standard calls and text messages
  • From small 1GB to Unlimited GB data options, perfect for low or high streaming or 5G tethering
  • Easy to manage, as each user is simply billed separately for any ‘out-of-bundle’ usage each month
  • Your choice of network carrier
  • Your choice of billing platform

Signal Checker

Check the mobile signal for all UK networks with just one search. Before you decide on any new contract you have to make sure the coverage is what it needs to be, where it needs to be

Check your coverage here

Handset & Device Plans

Using our vast amount of industry knowledge, Focus Group will find the best possible mobile deals and devices suited to your exact business needs, delivering a solution that really optimizes your communications and saves you both valuable time and money.

And you can choose your payment plan, we can support hardware inclusive tariffs, we can provide a hardware fund, we can offer finance options or you can simply purchase your hardware outright.

With Cloud Voice & Data it’s all about being flexible; you have the freedom to choose:

  • Your network
  • Your hardware
  • Your tariffs
  • Your contract
  • Your payment plan

Mobile Broadband & WiFi

We offer a range of mobile broadband tariffs from all the UK’s major network providers. This is typically provided via a USB dongle or MIFI device, or by inserting a pre-programmed sim card straight into a tablet, laptop or router.

Benefits include:

  • High-speed 4G data on the go for work or entertainment
  • Perfect for disaster recovery or temporary ‘pop-up’ offices
  • Usage caps available to prevent unwanted ‘bill-shock’


With the Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine to Machine (M2M) integral in the future of communication technology, it has never been more important to unite hardware, software and security solutions to provide valuable insights from devices and data to achieve your businesses goals and ambitions. Cloud Voice & Data can deliver a digital transformation for your business with our bespoke mobile managed data solutions tailored to your businesses needs.


  • Unlock efficiencies and unleash innovation
  • Managed and secured devices
  • Seamless connectivity across multiple devices & networks
  • Valuable data insights into assets, people and places


  • Tailored end to end
  • Automatic lifecycle management
  • Real time diagnostics
  • Rule driven automation
  • Data analytics & rate plan management
  • Inventory management & access

Mobile Device Management

Do you need to monitor, manage and secure your company mobile devices? Cloud Voice & Data provide Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions designed to give you complete control and peace of mind, as you manage applications, settings and security features all from a central hub.


  • A live and constantly updated inventory on your users
  • Ability to track devices in real-time
  • Control and push content to specific handsets
  • Remote wipe lost/stolen devices
  • Choose your apps
  • Choose your security levels

Bespoke Voice & Data

Boost the productivity of your global workforce with our bespoke Voice and Data tariffs designed to keep enterprises and employees connected worldwide. Cloud Voice & Data offer flexible, innovative tariffs that ensure wherever you are in the world, employees will not incur unexpected costs – we deliver complete control and visibility. And what’s more, we’ll review your usage regularly and adjust monthly fees accordingly.

  • Sophisticated technology – packages and process are based on your company-wide usage
  • Mobile device management – we adapt our plans and pricing to the changing needs of your organisation
  • Disaster recovery – employees can harness the 4G network anytime, anywhere
  • One single contract – keeping it simple for total visibility on costs
  • Unrivalled support – our UK-based team are always on hand to help

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