Data Capture

How our Data Capture works

Using one of our WI-FI solutions You will be provided with a Marketing portal.  This portal will show all of your captured data with options to market it.

1. Social Captive Portal with logon options with:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • Direct form

2. Create and auto fill Data capture fields

3. Plug and Play – add a public WI-FI access point simply by entering the mac address and connecting it to the internet.

4. Send immediate messages via SMS text message or Email to the registering WI-FI user i.e. welcome, use this code to get your free desert when ordering a main meal (first time or repeated visits).

5. See uptime of access points.

6. Remotely run WI-FI connection speed and diagnostic tests on the customer premises to avoid call outs.

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Our Partners
  • Gamma
  • LG
  • BT
  • Pragma
  • Fidelity Energy
  • DVS
  • HIK Vision
  • Paxton
  • Microsoft