At CV&D we are proud to provide our customers with market leading CCTV technology with Hikvision. And we are also proud to be VASP Silver Partners and part of the DVS Real Installers Club.

Whether it’s surveillance for a super car showroom or simply a camera to cover your garage door, there’s a suitable solution both in terms of product and price range. Please contact us for advice and a free survey.

Dynamic growth and exceptional products have seen Hikvision recognised as the number one global vendor of CCTV and video surveillance equipment – according to IMS Research’s World Market for CCTV and Video Surveillance Equipment Report 2012, and listed for four years in a row in Security 50 – a market survey recognising the top 50 security vendors in the global security market (No. 5 in 2011). Hikvision is now publicly listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange with market capitalisation of US $16.5 billion.

CCTV has evolved! Access real-time footage via your smart device anytime, anywhere…​

Originally, CCTV systems were simply a deterrent. Now, the systems have the ability to interact with other security technology, smart devices and so much more!​

These not only act as a visual deterrent but are also a very important resource to have in the event of prosecutions following damage or theft from a business. With half of the 500,000 burglaries reported in the UK last year being at commercial premises, now is the time to invest in an extra pair of eyes to check who is watching your property.​

We work with business customers using a range of different CCTV systems that can be installed to help secure and run your business effectively. These vary from single cameras to multiple HD camera systems designed to watch your entire workspace, with a combination of internal and external cameras. These can be hard wired or based on an IP network and can be colour or night vision CCTV Cameras.​

By using the latest available technologies, we are able to offer several options for viewing your CCTV coverage. The standard way, through a Monitor, but also on a laptop or ANY mobile device whilst anywhere in the world through network or fixed IP address.​

Are you looking for a tailored security solution to protect your work premises?​

The first step in having a complete solution designed around any business is a free site survey.​

Your dedicated account manager will visit your site and carry out a thorough survey of your building(s).This allows us to plan where the cameras will go, what lenses and camera specification are needed, what NVR best suits the camera system and how much cable is needed for the runs.


IP Turret


IP Dome


IP Bullet


IP Fisheye


  1. Video Content Analysis​
    The automatic analysis of CCTV images in camera or centrally, using advanced algorithms to create useful information.​
  2. Automatic Number Plate Recognition
    Identifies vehicles moving in and out of the premises so you can be aware of who exactly in on-site.​
  3. High Definition Algorithms​
    These cameras allow for more widespread coverage and observation in larger areas and has the ability to easily identify suspects.​
  4. Sophisticated motion detection algorithms​
    These intelligent video algorithms can identify unusual walking patterns, loitering, suspicious objects and face recognition.​
  5. Wide dynamic range​
    No matter how light or dark the area is, the camera can still provide detail of what is happening at that very moment.​
  6. Internet of things​
    The internet is available to every device that has an IP address. From integrating with video to provide information to heat mapping and person counting, can help businesses gather more business intelligence.​
  7. Big data’​
    Since the dawn of the digital age, there has been an explosion in the amount of data we have generated. Big Data – large sets of data – can understand significant patterns and trends.​
  8. Wireless technology​
    Not only can you monitor security remotely via your smart device, video surveillance systems of up to ten network cameras can be managed entirely from mobiles devices. As a result, overall system and maintenance costs are reduced.​




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