At Cloud, Voice & Data, we want to make your experience of using our service as effortless, smooth, and efficient as possible.

This Service Level Agreement outlines some of the specific requests that you may have relating to your telecoms & business services. Who to contact, and how long it will take to implement the requests.

We can guarantee that they will be:

  • Professional & knowledgeable
  • Fully informed about your account
  • Friendly & willing to help.
  • Support desk located in Seaford head office.

General Enquiries

Please contact the Support team with any of the following enquiries and we will complete your request within the time stated.

  • Billing enquiry: 5 days.
  • Ad hoc account review: 24 hours.
  • Network issues: Variable.
  • Voicemail PIN reset: Immediate.
  • Content control: 24 hours.
  • PUK (PIN Unlock Key) code: 24 hours.
  • Change of ownership: Variable.

Account Reviews

Your account manager will conduct an account review with you on a regular basis. This will cover the following elements:

  • Review previous quarter’s usage.
  • Review all in-bound care requests raised.
  • Review current services and solutions.
  • Discuss client’s short term business plans.
  • Offer recommendations on how to improve business efficiencies.
  • Discuss new products on offer within our portfolio.

Tariff Changes

Fault Reports & Technical Support

Please call into our Care team on option 1. Or email any faults to the customer support team with a clear explanation of the issue and we will raise a ticket and escalate accordingly.

Openreach Fault

Depending on your care package standard Openreach faults are generally responded to by the end of the next working day.

Account Changes

As long as you have authorisation to make changes to the account, all of the following requests can be activated immediately by one of the team:

  • Bar a stolen phone.
  • Add or remove ‘International Premium’.
  • Add or remove international roaming.
  • Add or remove the GPRS roaming facility.
  • Add or remove GPRS
  • Add or remove services
  • SMS changes.
  • Add or remove incoming or outgoing text message (SMS) facility.
  • Activate a new SIM.
  • Username amendments.
  • Request invoice copies
  • Request call stat data

Bolt-On Services

If you would like to add extra bolt-on services to your account, we will implement your requests within the following timeframe:

  • Information on available bolt-ons: 24 hours.
  • Add or remove less than five bolt-ons: 48 hours.
  • Add or remove more than five bolt-ons: 72 hours

Escalation Process – Service

If your enquiry cannot be handled by the Support team or your Account Manager it is escalated to the Board & Management team.

Escalation Process – Orders

If your enquiry cannot be handled by the Project Management team it is escalated to the Board & Management team

Escalation Process – Timescales

As per below table

CAT 1 – Emergency – Within 4 Working Hours – Total Loss of Service

CAT 2 – Major – Within 16 Working Hours – Significant Degradation of Service

CAT 3 – Minor – Within 3 Working Days – Minor Degradation of Service

CAT 4 – Information – Within 5 Working Days – E.G. Modification or Configurations

*This is dependent on your level of maintenance and/or individual SLA agreement

Escalation Procedure
Issues that are of a technically complex nature can be escalated to the Support Team by the Support Engineer. Once assigned to the Support Team they will work with the Support Engineer and the customer and if required the vendor or third party to obtain a resolution or workaround as soon as it is practical. If the problem is found to be a manufacturer fault, we will liaise with the manufacturer to find a resolution as soon as possible.

Please note that these are maximum response times and we endeavour to provide a remote fix before the maximum response time. We will inform you of the status of your logged call at regular intervals. Where possible, we will inform you of any additional charges you may be likely to incur, which are over and above those covered by your Full Service and Maintenance Agreement.

Network Related Faults
If a problem is carrier or network related, our Technical Support Team will carry out an initial assessment and liaise with the network provider to resolve the problem.

What is not covered? Analogue devices such as faxes, answering machines, ordinary analogue telephones etc. are not covered. Requests for service alterations and additional work which are not a result of a fault are not covered by the maintenance agreement but can be provided separately at an appropriate charge.

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