Wi-Fi Solutions

CV&D offers a value-added Wi-Fi solution from end to end.​

Providing tools to plan your network, deploy your network in both hardware-wise and configuration-wise. And at the end even provide tools to manage and monitor your network.​

Hardware wise we will provide a full range of indoor and outdoor access points, controller switches and accessories.​

With a branded controller you can monitor and manage the network yourself or let us take care of that for you.

Cloud Voice & Data provide a variety of high-performance networking technology solutions, offering an outstanding price to performance ratio. With disruptive pricing across  different ranges and we will continue to push the boundaries for wireless communications and to close the digital divide, aiming to bring wireless connectivity to enterprises all over the UK.

  • Extend your WI-FI Range by over 100m per Access Point
  • No loss in bandwidth
  • Data capture opportunities
  • Website landing pages
  • Secure and open (public) wi-fi log ins
  • Remote access to coverage heat maps & data analytics

Optimise Indoor Connectivity and Fast Handover

Plan and map out the position of your access points and WI-FI coverage.

The survey tool

The survey tool auto-generates a proposed location for each of your access points, based on the number of access​

points required. Placements are calculated to create an optimal coverage area across your oor plan. Add​ additional access points for better coverage.



Heatmaps helps you visualize the likely signal strength and coverage areas for your oor plan, based on your project´s current constraints.​

Access point locations can be individually changed to generate a new heatmap and visualize other suggested layout options.


Antenna Rotation with External Antennas

Rotate the position of outdoor Antennas for more accurate coverage.



Network Management On the Go​

Get real-time notifications and stay alert to all managed networks with a branded Mobile App.​


Layer 7 Applications


WI-FI brands

CV&D are proud to work with some of the leading brands in the WI-FI industry. Our trained engineers can survey, propose and install your WI-FI requirements from start to finish with expert advice and recommendations along the way.​

We recommend and partner with the following market leading brands.




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Our Partners
  • Gamma
  • LG
  • BT
  • Pragma
  • Fidelity Energy
  • DVS
  • HIK Vision
  • Paxton
  • Microsoft