Seaford Head School

The Project

Seaford Head were in desperate need of upgrading their telephone system. The system was sitting on end-of-life ISDN lines and the system was no longer able to be supported. Whilst this project was being surveyed it became clear the school needed a complete re-cable. The network was dated, and servers were close to failing which meant we needed to update and upgrade the whole school infrastructure. We also had the project of upgrading all of the CCTV systems and WiFi.

The Challenge

The challenge here was that these projects all had to be taken place during the pandemic. We had to work with the school and shut parts of the school to avoid students being in close proximity of our engineers who would be re-cabling rooms and corridors. Due to the age of some parts of the school it was difficult to find cable runs that would meet fire regulations which schools have to adhere to for the safety of the students and staff.

The Outcome

The School now has been completely re-cabled with low smoke CAT 6 which meets all the fire regulations the school needed to meet as well as a network with upgraded GB switches and servers.

The phone system has now been upgraded to a LG-Ericcsson solution which uses SIP trunk technology future proofing the school and providing huge cost savings and enhanced features. We became their managed IT provider which enabled us to help the Academy improve the network and they now have a secure and fast network which serves their PC’s, telephony, CCTV and WiFi.

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Our Partners
  • Gamma
  • LG
  • BT
  • Pragma
  • Fidelity Energy
  • DVS
  • HIK Vision
  • Paxton
  • Microsoft