About Us

About Us

Business shouldn’t be a place to simply ‘work’, it should be a place of creativity, a place where people can express themselves, showcase and hone their talents, earn money whilst maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Cloud, Voice and Data was started off the back of a small conversation about how hard a work-life balance is, but we strongly believe if your happy, talented and work hard you will succeed and you don’t have to rigidly stick to a 9-5 to achieve it. We are family people, we are social people…. Life is to be enjoyed and business is a part of life.

Who we are

Cloud, Voice and Data are specialists in the business services industry.

Our key products are:

But are not limited to. With strong contacts, supplier support and with the experience we have in the industry, it’s simply a matter of ‘yes’, now what is the requirement?

We are experienced, knowledgable consultants specialising in supplying phone systems and business services that benefit your business through cost reductions, unified billing and a personalised account management service.

We do not believe in the hard sell, we strongly believe in our products and our service and that alone wins us the type of clients we want to work with.

For us it’s all about the service and it’s all about trust.

What can we do?

With a wealth of 30 years experience covering products such as:

  • Simple and complex telephone systems (ISDN, Hybrid and Cloud)
  • SME and Corporate Mobile account management (1-1000 connections)
  • Engineering works such as survey, design, build, cabling, comms cabinets & rooms
  • Broadband services; ADSL, FFTC, FTTP, EFM, Dedicated Lease Lines and MPLS
  • IT support for both the individual user and/or on premise and cloud hosted servers
  • Office 365, CRM software and integration with telephony
  • Cloud storage services
  • CCTV & security services (gates, intercom and integration with telephony) with experience from pubs to luxury cruise ships
  • Energy supply of gas and electric, using our own cost comparison service across all the big suppliers.

All of which will be covered by our superb customer support and account management, in which we will be proactive in managing your account providing quarterly account reviews and regular updates along with a dedicated account manager and direct contact for your account needs.


CV&D can also provide you with a true ‘UC’ billing platform, providing several services all on your one bill from us, keeping account management and admin nice, simple and convenient for both you and us.

Got Questions? Get in touch with us

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